Episode Review: ANGEL (“Blood Money”)

Season 2, Episode 12
Date of airing: January 23, 2001 (WB)

So this s what Lily made of herself? Quite intriguing. She was a dumb girl in “Lie to Me”, not knowing anything about life, who turned into a patient woman who can wait for the good life to catch up to her in “Anne”, and now he is actually something of a social worker, but still she hasn’t lost the dark edge within her. She just accepted the literal blood money, knowing how to get the blood out of the bills, because she knows that living a good life in Los Angeles costs something, even if you’re here to just help people. I’m surprised that Angel never learned this lesson, especially after he decided to lease a fucking hotel, but it’s nice to see that the Buffyverse followed a character who was rock-bottom, when she was introduced, but is now a good person. It’s probably a mirrored storyline, too, when you think of how angel has turned from one of the most brutal and terrorizing vampires in the 18th and 19th century, and is now the champion of the innocent victims of Los Angeles’s night life. Now I’m kind of sad the Buffyverse hasn’t introduced more characters in previous episodes whose stories can glow and flow in an episode of ANGEL. By the way, the idea to bring Lily slash Anne actually back for ANGEL was a pretty neat one. Especially since she returned to the Buffyverse two and a half years after her previous appearance – some people might have forgotten her already, and others might have not even recognized her. In fact, I only did, because she was called by the name “Anne”, and it’s not that long ago I saw the episode.

The episode was okay. I wouldn’t have cared for Wesley, Gunn and Cordelia to be in this episode or not, since t focused on Angel anyway, but it was nice to see that the writers cared enough to follow both sides of the Angel Investigations break-up, even if the three mortal stooges were only in it for a fight against a two-headed dragon (say what?), while Angel was out to ruin two lawyers who sold their soul. I’m curious if the writers intentionally went down a route similar to “The Zeppo”, because for a moment it sounded like Wesley and Gunn were in a pretty major fight of life and death, while Angel was just dealing with some hotshot lawyers who think they rule the town. Anyway, I didn’t particularly care for Angel’s story here, and not just because the final twist of Boone being in on Angel’s plan seemed a little too much for my taste. I can understand that Angel would hold a grudge against Lilah and Lindsey and try to ruin their careers, but what I don’t get is why Angel was so goddamn focused on it – so much inf act that he decided to play the two lawyers behind their back from the beginning, just to have them humiliate themselves. I guess he even had Anne followed, just so he can smash a pie into Lilah and Lindsey’s face, instead of… I don’t know, hacking off another hand or something?

The story did make Angel look different though, which means his violent and dark side from the previous episode wasn’t just a one-and-done. Yeah, he might have cared about Anne and her teen harbor place, but at the end of the day Angel was acting out a personal vendetta, because he was super pissed about Darla and Drusilla being resurrected and in town. But if Angel would have focused his efforts on finding the two vampires to slay them, then maybe this would have been a better character arc. In fact, why didn’t Angel become a much darker vampire in this part of the show, fixated on finding his two former female friends to put them straight to hell? Wouldn’t that have been a logical step in his fall to rock bottom, than the humiliation plan we actually saw here? Or was that just a way to still have Angel be a nice vampire guy, who would never g dark and evil, even with a soul still inside him?

Also, why aren’t the Powers That Be forcing Angel and Wesley/Cordelia/Gunn together through Cordelia’s visions? After all, the Powers That Be seem to have control over everything, so they could have given Cordelia a vision about a mission angel is currently on, just so the team can get back together. Okay, it doesn’t have to happen here or in the next episode (because the separation is still interesting enough to follow it through multiple episodes), but it is an idea, right? 6/10

That’s the most friendliest and happiest robbery I have ever seen!

Anne knows how to deal with blood money


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